Video surveillance systems

Video surveillance systems have become an integral part of business security. The main task is to provide constant visual control of open or closed territory, which can be done by removing, storing, transmitting and analyzing the resulting image.

ATINUM offers wireless and wired systems for indoor, outdoor or combined use, namely:
– dome (rotated in all directions with a special cover, a fairly budget solution),
– Box-cameras (have a replaceable lens and sealed cover, it is possible to record color and black-and-white video, used in different conditions),
– cylindrical (have a fixed focal length and housing with increased protection against moisture, are popular in offices and shops),
– PTZ (rotary models, which are characterized by a wide view and have the functionality to enlarge the image, control is remotely via an IP address created for street surveillance),
– thermal imaging cameras (allow to detect masked objects and suspicious activity around the clock, every day; less sensitive to problems with lighting (backlight, shadows, darkness – not an obstacle)),
– DVRs for continuous recording (DVR DVRs optimal for drivers, hybrid AHD DVRs, mobile DVRs).

In accordance with the stated tasks, our specialists are ready to provide the optimal solution based on equipment from global manufacturers: Hikvision, Dahua, Axis, Bosch, Ubiquiti, Canon, KEDACOM, Tiandy, TP-Link, D-Link, Xiaomi!