Automatic Identification And Data Collection Decisions

ATINUM offers equipment-based solutions for automated data acquisition, identification and analysis systems, such as: barcode printers; data collection terminals; barcode scanners; RFID identification systems; scales and weighing solutions; POS and industrial computers; accessories; specialized consumables (thermal labels, thermal transfer labels, color ribbons for thermal transfer printing (ribbons); cryogenic labels and more); as well as service packs for all of the above equipment.

Main directions for implementation: medicine and pharmaceutics; inventory; warehouse logistics; transport logistics; marking for industrial enterprises; Retail; postal service and courier service and many more.

First of all, using equipment-based solutions for automatic data collection systems, you get process optimization – due to automation of data entry and accounting, the probability of errors due to the human factor is significantly reduced, employees’ working time is used much more efficiently (due to reduced basic operations). the management process becomes simpler and much more efficient.

Process optimization, efficiency improvement and profitability for your business with automated data collection, identification and analysis solutions are available today!