Cisco SMARTnet

Cisco SMARTnet provides owners with the following features:
• 24-hour access to Cisco Technical Support Center specialists
(Cisco TAC) from anywhere in the world.
• Access to the extensive knowledge base and tools of the Internet Portal for
obtaining technical information and managing service requests.
• Ongoing support for Cisco licensed operating systems for
supported Cisco products. Support includes access to current
and to major versions of the software to which the license applies.
• For the needs of critical networks is provided
possibility of preventive replacement of equipment. Depending on your preferences
customer and type of contract, it is possible to replace the equipment with the next one
working day, there is also an additional service of the privileged
service with replacement within 2 or 4 hours.
• Preventive diagnostics and real-time messaging
for individual devices with Smart Call Home.
An updated list of products is available on the Smart Call web page
• Cisco engineer service to replace replacement equipment
components are provided in addition when purchasing a Cisco package
SMARTnet Onsite. At service with departure on a place of operation the engineer
Cisco applies its experience and practical knowledge of Cisco technologies to provide
the most efficient operation of the network.

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