HPE MSA 6th Generation Disk Arrays Available Today!

Dear partners,

we bring to your attention HPE MSA disk arrays of the 6th generation, which include a wide range of configurations from budget efficient storage to older models from the warehouse.

HPE MSAs provide small and medium-sized businesses with affordable and reliable performance solutions for storing corporate information.

The MSA Gen6 series includes three models:
1060 is designed for small budget installations and performing static tasks with predictable throughput and load.
2060 is a versatile model with the possibility of switching to a hybrid configuration, ready for dynamic loads, and also recommended for performing large-scale tasks such as virtualization, databases, video surveillance systems, etc.
The 2062 is a hybrid configuration that allows you to use Tiering technology right out of the box (it’s actually a 2060 model that includes 2 1.92 TB SSD drives and an Advanced Data Services license), which will come in handy for high-performance mixed workloads.

For more detailed information, contact our managers.