Innovative solutions of NetBackup Appliances – turnkey data protection

Dear partners,

innovative NetBackup Appliances solutions that combine NetBackup software with advanced servers and data storage technologies are one of the leaders in cyber security and resilience of organizations to cyber attacks.

Among the key aspects is the reliability of data backups, as they are increasingly targeted by attackers. In ransomware attacks, where backup data can be compromised, recovery becomes an extremely difficult and time-consuming process. With NetBackup Appliances, you can quickly recover from an attack and protect data from cyber threats, providing a highly effective enterprise-class data protection system that is resistant to malicious attacks. Full lifecycle support from installation, and a unified approach to ensure data protection in any environment, simplifying enterprise data management and reducing costs.

Veritas products help companies stay resilient against ransomware with the NetBackup Appliances line of solutions.

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