Screening, access control and protection systems

We cannot stay away from the new challenges of today, so ATINUM offers solutions for screening, access control and security systems.

Temperature screening systems: portable, thermal imaging cameras, frame (including with built-in metal detector), mobile terminals with automatic disinfecting shower, rack with infrared scanner and disinfector, etc.

Access control and protection systems: controllers (including biometric), readers, electric locks (electromagnetic, biometric, electromechanical, electrogress), SMART locks, kits and accessories for access control and management systems.

The main advantages of our equipment are:
– Fault tolerance and flexibility
– High performance screening systems
– High level of integration with third-party systems

Our specialists offer flexible, specialized, reliable solutions for a wide range of industries (including financial institutions, medical institutions, transport, manufacturing, etc.) and on facilities of various scales, according to your individual requirements!