Services for warranty and non-warranty equipment

ATINUM is a partner of official service centers, a leader of IT manufacturers in the world, including:
Apple, APC, Asus, Acer, Canon, Cisco, Dell, Epson, Grandstream, HPE, HP Inc, Hikvision, Intel, Jabra, Kingston, Lenovo, LG, QNAP, Samsung, Sony, Sven, Seagate, Synology, Transcend, Ubiquiti , WD, Xerox.

For our customers we provide services for preliminary diagnostics and free logistics to the authorized service center of damaged (warranty or non-warranty) equipment and address delivery of repaired equipment directly to the owner. If possible, replacement equipment of similar functionality is provided for the period of repair. Regarding especially critical equipment of our customers, we act as quickly as possible, because we understand very well its extremely important role in business processes, and for our part we lobby for higher priority diagnostics of faulty equipment and, accordingly, urgent (but no less high-quality) repairs. In special situations we provide departure of the service engineer to the critical equipment.

Our company offers a range of advanced service packages, different levels of criticality and response time and, accordingly, the restoration of important infrastructure.

For example, enhanced HP Care Pack 24/7 service packages to service critical HPe equipment (24×7 system monitoring, rapid diagnostics, automatic request generation, and parts shipment management, making the infrastructure support process much easier) and HP Ink (includes services with transportation, tracking and recovery, on-site maintenance, faulty storage services, disaster recovery services, on-site and next-day printer replacement services). Cisco SMARTnet and Fortinet FortiCare services, respectively, not only extend the warranty period for hardware repairs, but also provide extended levels of software support and basic hardware functionality.

Using advanced service packages, you get manufacturer-guaranteed services that will help the efficient and stable operation of your company, ensuring the most efficient operation of the IT infrastructure and increasing the functional efficiency of the solution in the first place.

Our company also has the status of Intel® Technology Provider Gold level, so for Intel products we implement the service of extended warranty replacement program (AWR) according to which Intel supplies products for replacement or spare parts to the equipment without waiting for the return of defective components.

Working with us you get a reliable partner, with a very flexible approach to each case – because we understand the needs of your business have individual characteristics, and make every effort to provide quality, efficient and convenient service!

You can get more detailed information about the functionality and capabilities of extended service support by contacting our company.
Basic technical information is available at the appropriate links below
HPe Care Pack

HP Care Pack

Cisco SMARTnet